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A reimagining of the popular 1970s TV series about a female athlete who is given bionic strength.
I think the critics are being too harsh. It takes awhile for a show to reach its stride. I think they did a good job with the casting and the special effects. The people complaining about CGI have no clue about the budget constraints of a TV series. (They weren't that bad, by the way). I think it opens with interesting villains. I cannot believe how snobbish some folks are who immediately write off a show after only watching the pilot. I personally hope that they don't cancel it but give it time to flesh out the storyline. The only thing it really lacks in my opinion is a catchy soundtrack. The music in Six Million Dollar man really made the show - when Steve Austin went bionic on the bad guys, the theme music really made the show a hit. I hope they revamp that part of it.
Im must admit at first I was afraid that I would not like this NEW version as I was expecting a seriously slow start, however I was pleasantly surprised with the way it covered every character within the first episode, and that Michelle Ryan slipped into the role very well considering she is an English actress starring in an American show (which is not the easiest thing in the world), and one where the original is a cult classic with an American actress, now this not the reason that I like what I have seen so far but of course it helps. There is one annoying person on this show and that is the sister who is a stereotypical rebellious teenager who you just want to slap. Now I really cant see how this show has taken a battering, oh hang on actually yes I can its the fact that the American public cannot stand anything English on their screens for example, The Office, what the hell was that all about? The Bionic Woman in my opinion has potential to be a great show given half a chance unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be given it..

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